Development of oil and gas industry implies wide use of drilling works with the purpose of search, exploration and development of oil and gas developments. Drilling of oil and gas wells must be always improved, especially due to increase of the volumes of works related to deep and ultra-deep drilling and growing needs for drilling directional and horizontal wells.

      Modern drilling rigs are sophisticated engineering complexes which operation in the process of drilling is impossible without using hydraulic tubing tongs.

     Oil and gas are located in the pores, cracks and openings in the mine rock. The rocks are broken up by drilling tools of various types and models. The best collectors which have high reservoir properties for oil and gas are sands, sandstones, limestone‚Äôs and their conglomerates. During oil pumping the fine fractions of sand and rock particles are washed out which leads to quick wear and failure of oil producing equipment.

     Reduction of the financial losses caused by well shutdown and replacement or repair of equipment used for oil production is impossible without efficient filtering of the extracted product. Progressive well completion technologies provide for installing screens in the pay horizon interval.

        Our company has a possibility of supplying a test batch of screens (oil, water) for industry tests.