Dear Sirs,

    OOO Oil Snab is a manufacturer and supplier of well screens designed for filtering sand and other mechanical impurities, liquids and gases. The screens are mounted in the production casing in the pay bed area of oil and gas extraction wells.

    The filter case is designed in the form of a perforated casing pipe with a filtering element with the mesh width of 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm. From outside, the filtering element is closed by perforated or expanded sheet. Application of the expanded sheet as a protective casing or screen was first suggested by us and allows a maximum reduction of the screen flow resistance and increase the well’s debit.

    It was not accidental that we selected a mesh as a filtering element. For the time being is only mesh filtering element which provides equally efficient filtration in mutually perpendicular planes.

The filters are distinguished not only by the number of layers of drainage and filtering mesh, mesh width, construction of external casing, but also by the possibility to flushing the bottomhole after lowering the casing. For that purpose the openings in the filter casing are sealed by hollow plugs which bases are cut by a mill before the well operation is commenced.

    The length of the filtering part is 3000 - 4000 mm with the overall filter length 5250-6100 mm and 6000-8000 mm with the overall filter length 9600-12000 mm.

   The production capacity of our enterprise is more than 1200 pcs. well screens per month. The order completion time is 30 to 45 calendar days. The applied pipe diameters are 102-178 mm.

     The products are transported by motor and railway transport.

    More than ten oil and service companies in the Russian Federation use our screens.

   By mutual agreement of the parties there is a possibility of supplying a test batch of screens (oil, gas, water) for performing on-site tests.

   In case you are interested, we are ready to provide additional information conduct mutually beneficial negotiations.

Best regards,                                                V.V. Sokolov

General Director

OOO Oil Snab.